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Body Treatment : Invigorating, Deeply Moisturizing

The invigorating body treatment is now available as a set. Enjoy the Swedish Spa at home for a deeply moisturizing experience.

STEP 1 : Clean: No 117 Liquid soap Marjoram/Eucalyptus

This highly moisturizing liquid hand soap generates a rich lather while gently cleansing and soothing skin. Essential oils derived from eucalyptus and marjoram leaves mix to create a uniquely natural and invigorating fragrance, while delivering stimulating, healing and aromatherapeutic qualities. Made using natural and organic ingredients. INGREDIENTS

STEP 2 : Exfoliate: No 135 Sea salt scrub Mejram/Eucalyptus

This organic sea salt scrub is a wonderful elixir for sore and tired feet, but can also be used over your entire body. While your skin is still wet, use your hands to apply approximately one tablespoon of the body scrub and massage it gently over your feet and body. You will instantly feel exfoliating and moisturizing effect on your skin. Allow your skin to briefly absorb the oils and then rinse with water. The essential oils from eucalyptus and marjoram will stimulate skin leaving it warm and relaxed. You will also enjoy the healing, astringent and cleansing properties released by this scrub. The vegetable oils will protect and moisture the soles of your feet. INGREDIENTS

STEP 3 : Treat: No 130 Body oil Bergamott/Patchouli

This organic body oil is formulated for normal to dry skin, with an essential oil mix of bergamot and patchouli that softens, nourishes and stimulates skin, while also offering astringent properties. This oil can be used all over your body as a moisturizer, for massages or in your bath for its aromatherapy qualities. Bergamot is cooling and has a slight exfoliating effect on skin. Patchouli is calming, cleansing, astringent and healing. Almond oil is softening, protecting and calming. Jojoba oil has moisturizing, softening and protecting properties. INGREDIENTS

STEP 4 : Preserve: No 093 Body lotion Bergamott/Patchouli

This mildly astringent body lotion is ideal for daily use on normal to dry skin. Essential oils from bergamot and patchouli, will soften and nourish skin while simultaneously having a stimulating effect. Bergamot peel oil has a cooling and slightly exfoliating effect, while patchouli leaf oil is calming, cleansing, astringent and healing. Coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter combine to moisturize and protect skin from the effects of harsh weather. INGREDIENTS

$ 146.00