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Ingredients Glossary

Beeswax - Cera alba

Protects against the elements, rejects chill and water and preserves warmth and moisture. Irritated skin becomes calmed and well protected under the wax.Softens dry, chapped skin and also has antibiotic properties.Organic, H&B certified by Soil Association


Carrotseed oil - Daucus carota

Stimulating, used in aromateraphy at over-straining, stress, nervousness and confusion.Antibacterial, antiseptic and wound-healing. Used beacuse of it´s vitalizing effect on tired, sunburned, damaged and aged skin. Tightens and increase elasticity.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association


Castor oil - Ricinus communis

The use of Castor oil in medicin and skincare has been around for a long time in Europe, Africa and Asia. A really fat, moisturizing oil that protects against the elements.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association


Cedarwood - Cedrus atlantica

Very old incense scent reputed to be aphrodisiac, antidepressive, calming and concentration enhancing. The oil is antiseptic, increases blood circulation, softening, regulates skinbalance and soothes irritations – good on acne, rash and wounds. Tightens the blood vessels and closes pores.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association


Chamomile - Ormenis multicaulis

Soothing, straightening, invigorative.Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and calming on sensitive, dry and chapped skin.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association


Cinnamon - Cinnamomum verum

The barkoils euphoric effect makes it a given ingridient in perfumes for festive occations.It´s both relaxing and stimulating and also has an old reputation as an aphrodisiac. Strongly antibacterial. Killes bacteria, fungus, virus and eases wasp stings and snakebites.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association


Clovebud - Eugenia caryophyllata

Sharpens attention and stimulates appetite.Antiseptic, immune strengthening and cleansing.The scent repels mosquitos and other winged insects.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association


Coconut oil / Coconut fat- Cocos nucifera

This rich oil preserves moisture, ease irritations and small wounds. Protects against the elements.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association

Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus globulus
Airfreshening, refreshing, cooling, stimulating and sharpens the mind. Eucalyptus oils are strongly antiseptic, antiviral, fever-lowering, immune defence strengthening, expectorant and reduces swelling in the airways.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association

Geranium -Pelargonium graveolens

Calming at agitation, anxiety, restlessness and mood swings. On some, especially children, the effect can be very stimulating. Aromatherapists se it as really good at weariness, calming or stimulating, either way it brings a good mood. Cleansing, antibacterial, woundhealing and anti-inflammatory. Used therefor on damages, wound, rashes and chapped skin. Also used on loose and saggy skin beacuse of it´s straightening effect.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Grapefruit - Citrus aurantium paradisi

Refreshing, invigorating – usable at weariness, anxiety, stress. Stimulates the appetite. Antibacterial, stimulating and astringent.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.


Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia

Apart from perfume is insect-repelant the most common usage of lavenderoil. The scent is soothing and can help at anxiety, insomnia and considered good against nightmares.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Lemongrass - Cymbopogon flexuosus

In the ninteenth century this calming oil began to be used drop by drop on itching insect bites.On of the most frequently used oils in aromatheraphy beacuse of it´s calming, relaxing and aphrodisiac aswells as stimulating and activating effect. It is antiseptic, straightening and stimulating on tired and saggy skin, big open pores, fat skin and acne.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Lime - Citrus aurantifolia

Soothing, tightening, concentration enhancing andvitalizing. The oil is fever-lowering, antibacterial, antiviral and considered as an immune strengthener. Stimualtes the bloodcirculation, cools, freshens up and tightens tired and wan skin.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Nettles - Urtica dioica

Soothing on rashes and allergic outbursts.Suitable for fat, pimpled skin aswell as on dry and sensetive skin or skin with shallow blood vessels. Organic.

Oliveoil - Olea europaea

Anti-inflammatory , ease skin itch and irritation caused by insect bites or sunburn.Moisturizing and protects against the elements.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Orange oil - Citrus sinensis

Soothes and lifts the mind at stress, anxiety, depression, excitement, nervous nausia – brings happiness. In Asia and Middle East the orange oil is considered good for melancholia. Active at bacteria and fungus, increases blood circulation which has a vitalizing effect. Antiseptic in soap.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Palmoil - Elaeis guineensis

A fat oil that protects and preserves moisture.Produced by small local farmers. Organic,H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Patchouli - Pogostemon cablin

Varming, strengthening and is reputed to be an aphrodisiac. Effective on bacteria, virus and fungus. Also has a contracting , healing effect.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Peppermint - Mentha x peperita

Stimulating, cooling and concentration enhancing.Repels mosquitos and other winged insects. Strongly disinfectant. Cooling, contracting and locally anesthetic which eases when the skin is hot and blushing.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Rapeseed oil - Brassica napus

Someone once called the rapeseed oil ”The olive oil of Scandinavia”. It is softening, protecting and nutritious. Made in sweden, cold pressed and organic.

Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis

The rosemary scent stimulates the central nervous system, sharpens the attention, concentration and the ability to think clearly. Rosemary oil are used for it´s puring and vitalizing effect. The oil stimulates bloodcirculation and it is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Rosewood - Aniba rosaeodora amazonica

Refreshing, strengthening, calming without drowsiness, considered an aphrodisiac, antibacterial and antiviral. Good to use for headache, especially tension headache, anxiety, nervousness, fear and stress. Suitable for office and bedroom and as gentle that it also can be recommended in the nursery.The oil is antibacterial, somewhat locally anesthetic and healing. In Brazil the wood is used on acne and skin damages.Organic, certified by EcoCert.

Sunflower oil - Helianthus annus

A thin type of oil. Caring, protecting and nutritious.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Sweet Almond Oil - Prunus dulcis

Gentle, healing, softening and protecting. Helpful at itching. Has a long history of being used to soften skin and crusts from wounds. Suitable for dry, coarse, wrinkled (used as antiwrinkle oil), all cinds of sensitive skin, babyskin and skin with blackheads.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Tea tree oil - Melaleuca alternifolia

This plant has been used for a long time by the aboriginals in Australia. When the english colonizers came to the continent in the late eighteenth century they took over the use of these leaves as an antiseptic.Clears the mind and sharpens concentration. The oil is a very good disinfection medium, works breath relaxing and dampening of dry cough. Are used in medical and antiseptic soaps.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.

Ylang-ylang - Cananga odorata genuina

A bedroom oil – calming, relaxing, tension relieving, sligthly euphoric, lower the respiratory rate and good for insomnia. Beacuse of it´s narcotic qualities considered as an aphrodisiac – in Indonesia they spred these flowers on the beds of newlyweds.Organic, H&B, NOP certified by Soil Association.


H&B - Soil Association certificate for Organic Health & Beauty Care productsNOP - Soil Association certificate for USDA National Organics ProgramEcoCert

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