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  • 146 AFTERSHAVE BALSAM Lagerblad 200 ml

    Category: Rakning/ Shave
    Soothing and cooling after shave balm that moisturizes and protects strained skin. Rinse off your skin with cold water, dry gently and apply the balm. Organic shea butter protects, is moisturizing and has a calming and healing effect. Organic essential oil from laurel leafs has cleansing, antibacterial and calming properties. Organic mint oil is soothing, cooling, astringent and relieving.

    Made of wax from organic soy. The gorgeous scent and sleek design create a wonderful atmosphere in any room. Some of the candles will boost your energy levels when you are feeling tired and weary, while others will help you relax and unwind.

    111 Schampo Citrongräs 450ml

    Category: Hår/ Hair
    Nourishing shampoo for normal / oily hair with aloe vera, vitamine-B, wheat protein and extract of oat. The mix of essential oils eases scalp irritations. Based on organic ingredients and free from parabens and silicons. Aloe vera softens, cools, calms and stimulates as well as it binds moisture to your hair and scalp. Extract of oat repairs and restores the moisture balance in your hair, nourishes and calms your scalp. Wheat protein is a nourishing conditioner that replaces silicon. Lemongrass stimulates blood circulation in your scalp.

    Mild hand and body soap made by hand from organic ingredients and essential oils that cleans, protects and gently foams to soften and moisturize sensitive skin.

    Hair treatment that soothes a dry, itchy scalp as well as ensures beautiful hair.

    102 HANDCRÈME Bergamott / Patchouli 70ml

    Category: Lotion och bodybutter/Lotions and Butters
    Hand cream for dry and chapped skin that moisturizes, nourishes and protects. The essential oils from bergamot and patchouli stimulates and have astringent and cleansing properties. Shea butter and coconut oil moisturizes, nourishes and protects. They have a slight antiseptic effect and treats dried out skin. Meadowfoam is astringent, nourishing and rich on Omega 6 och 9. Comfrey is astringent, moisturizing and known to ease and heal small scratches and sunburn. Bergamot peel oil eases, is cooling and has a slight exfoliating effect. Patchouli leaf oil is calming, cleansing, astringent and healing.

    February 3, 2015
    By Glenys Johnson
    L:A BRUKET tip us off to a Swedish secret with their range of natural range of grooming products and candles. Hailing from the coastal town of Varberg, the range works with products designed originally to nourish the skin and hair of those who spend their time in and around the sea. Evolving into products for the coastal and in-land folks alike, each bottle or pot is filled with earth-friendly (and often raw) ingredients that play with unique herbs and oils to create unusual but basically genius combinations that are pleasing to the nose, skin or hair. If you become hopelessly addicted to the bergamot and patchouli hand cream or the marjoram and eucalyptus scrub, refusing to blow out that lemongrass candle; don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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    November 5, 2014

    Winter is coming. Keep your skin looking hot when the weather gets cold.
    The harsh winter months often bring with them a series of beauty woes: dry skin, cracked lips and parched tresses among them. And though you may pride yourself on taking care to moisturize year-round, the cold weather requires a whole new list of skincare needs. Your best bet is to stock up on products that act as a barrier between you and the elements by way of intense nourishment and powerful soothing capabilities. Herewith, the 13 products you need to get through this chilly season unscathed.

    Photo: Vanessa Jackman

    Cool, Calm And Protected

    1. A favorite of makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts everywhere, this hard-working cream can be used to soften dry cuticles, sooth chapped lips, heal scaly elbows and keep hands nice and soft for up to 8 hours. A true beauty multitasker if ever there was one!
        •    8-Hour Skin Protectant, Elizabeth Arden $21

    2. Not only does this organic, azure balm heal inflamed and irritated skin pretty much on contact, it also helps cure the winter blues. Thanks, lavender, vanilla and frankincense!
        •    Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm, May Lindstrom $160

    3. Those with extra sensitive skin will love this body lotion’s hypoallergenic formula. Plus, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy.
        •    Anti-Irritant Body Lotion, Rovectin $42

    4. As its name suggests, this lightweight oil gives your skin and hair a lovely sheen while leaving behind a sexy, woodsy scent.
        •    Satin Oil Spray , Diptyque $60

    5. Let’s face facts: Chapped lips are not cute. This decadent exfoliator does a stellar job of getting rid of flakiness, leaving you with a perfectly supple pucker.
        •    Peppermint Lip Exfoliator, Sara Happ $24

    6. Don’t leave home without this almond-coconut balm in your purse. You'll kiss dry lips good-bye.
        •    Almond And Coconut Lip Balm, L:A Bruket $15

    7. This made-in-France salve attacks dry patches with carefully selected, hypoallergenic ingredients. Oh, and did we mention it withstands up to 6 hand washes?
        •    Cold Cream Hand Cream , Avène $12

    8. The sun doesn’t take winters off so make sure to slather on the SPF. This oil-free moisturizer gets the job done while simultaneously preventing wrinkles. Score!
        •    Daily Hydration SPF 43 Moisturizer, Circ-Cell $42

    9. Dreaded hat head is a byproduct of moisture-deprived hair. Bring this hemp oil-spiked shampoo and conditioner combo into the shower with you for a boost of hair-strengthening proteins. The best part? It smells like a tropical vacation.
        •    Citrus-Herb Energizing Duo, Hearts & Stars $30

    10. Prep before you moisturize with this time-honored cold-weather essential. The gentle scrub sloughs off dry skin and promotes healthy circulation, leaving zero dryness behind.
        •    Foaming Skin Polish, Yu-Be $20

    11. Rest easy knowing this fluffy formula is working hard to feed your skin with yogurt-based proteins, minerals and vitamins.
        •    Greek Yoghurt Sleeping Facial, Korres $45

    12. Packed with powerful antioxidants and active ingredients, this luxurious serum is the star of your skin-care routine.
        •    Hydra Beauty Serum, Chanel $135

    13. Slather on this cult-favorite facial oil every evening and wake up with a dewy complexion, then add a drop to your moisturizer for daytime wear.
        •    Olio Lusso, Rodin $150

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